Art of Glassmaking

The original hand-blown and subsequently refined and cut glass is manufactured at the Elias Palme glassworks from the moment of mixing the glass batch, blowing a glass blank, cutting and bevelling it to articulate the required play of colours and light through to the final inspection and packaging. An exclusive handmade packaging, emphasizing the value of the glass jewel inside, protects and accompanies its precious content on the way to its future owner.

The production process is strictly traditional using time-tested techniques as well as traditional tools and professional skills of the glassmakers. Each glassmaker can modify their tools according to their specific needs. Small-batch production is required due to high quality requirements.

Success in the sale of utility glass is based on several basic requirements...

It must be attractive. The aim is to create a charming shape that radiates a unique glow.

It must also attract attention by refraction and reflection of light or by the alchemy of colours.

It must be pleasant to the touch. Ergonomics is essential to achieve the desired feeling.

Harmony with the product. It must be comfortable in the hand and especially in the mouth.

It must have a story and spirit. Unlike machine processing, handmade production guarantees an unmistakable added value consisting in the concentrated energy of people who touched the product with their hands. These touches were not fleeting or accidental; each of them was carried out deliberately, with the exact strength and intensity.

And, unlike the cold machine, each touch will leave in the mass an eternal imprint of creative spirit, which – with  a bit of imagination – can be viewed as a process of materialization using the correct combination of all four elements – fire, water, air and earth.

Here, the term “handmade production” acquires true meaning. This is not merely an empty phrase. It is a detailed description as well as a fitting title of the process of materializing creative ideas.

You do not even usually buy a glass like this for yourself. It is mostly a gift, where the one who gives chooses this way to truly appreciate the value of both the present and the person who receives it.

A perfect product is only the one that fully respects the eternal laws of nature.

Only such will outlast you.

Exclusive glass products of lead-free, sodium potassium crystal are handmade by the most experienced glass-masters of ELIAS PALME in accordance with unique design specifications using the traditional offhand glass blowing technique which makes each product an original.
This type of glass is mechanically harder than lead crystal, but its advantage is higher accuracy of distinct edges and engravings. 
The precious shape is achieved by subsequent manual cutting and final polishing.

The advantage and benefit of this glass is that it is environmentally clean and friendly. The cooperation between glassmakers and cutters results in a perfect product that, due to the complexity of production, is produced only in limited quantities.

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