Elias Palme Glassworks

In 2013, the current Czech owners of the glassworks visited the factory with temporarily suspended operations and dormant furnaces and were so affected by the genius loci that they decided almost immediately to bring them back to operation and subsequently revive the reputation of the ELIAS PALME brand.

In 1849, the founder of the Elias Palme brand returned from his journey around Europe and bought this building No.168 in Kamenický Šenov (Steinschönau) thus laying the foundation stone for the future glorious era of producing world-famous glass and crystal chandeliers.

In cooperation with the oldest glass-making school in Europe (This year, the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov is celebrating 160 years since its founding), the owners are searching through the archives of museums, old warehouses and private collections to find the remaining fragments of the original operations and manufacturing documents that were inexplicably destroyed after the Second World War and in the decades that followed.

The surviving product catalogues, full of unique design ideas, will be used to recreate the long-forgotten beauty in accordance with the original drawings.

The current production has begun with drinking sets that make full use of the traditional techniques of manual production and perfect cutting.

Our cooperation with the best Czech glass specialists, experienced technologists and leading glassmakers makes it possible not only to use the original methods of glass production but also to follow the latest trends in colours or material compositions. Some of the materials are not even used anywhere else in the world.

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